Book Review: The Monogram Murders (a New Hercule Poirot Mystery) by Sophie Hannah

I’ve loved mysteries since I was a little girl. My mother introduced me to Agatha Christie books when I was about seven or eight years old — I was an instant fan. Throughout the years I’ve read and collected most of Christie’s mystery books. While I enjoy a story featuring Jane Marple or Tommy and Tuppence, it has been and always shall be the indomitable Hercule Poirot who is my favorite detective and favorite fictional character.

Yes, Hercule Poirot is my all-time favorite fictional character. “Curtain” broken my heart. I was a bit leery when I heard Poirot would be resurrected to appear in a new mystery. However, excitement about reading a new story with my favorite character won out over any trepidation and I anxiously awaited diving into “The Monogram Murders” starring the one and only Hercule Poirot and written by Sophie Hannah.

Monogram Murders

“The Monogram Murders” revives the golden age of Hercule Poirot. Set in 1929 London, Poirot is at his finest, employing his “little grey cells” to unravel the truth behind three murders that occur at the Bloxham Hotel. Three bodies have been found, seemingly murdered by the same person, in the same manner, and it’s up to Poirot to sort out the lies and misdirections from the truths and incontrovertible facts.

While Poirot’s longtime friend Hastings isn’t present for this story, author Sophie Hannah introduces readers to Inspector Edward Catchpool of Scotland Yard — a good portion of the story is told via Catchpool. Hannah also gives us a Christie-mystery complete with false identities, conspiracies, red herrings, and even a traditional rural English village filled with unforgettable characters, secrets, and true evil.

For me, the real star was Hercule Poirot with his scrutinizing eyes, keen mind, and words of wisdom that include,

“When three murders are almost identical, the smallest divergent details are of the utmost importance.”

“Sometimes a gentle perambulation causes a new idea to rise to the surface of one’s thoughts.”

And when asked by Catchpool about what one does when one lacks confidence, Poirot’s response (classically Poirot) is:

“I do not know. It is not a problem that I suffer from, I do not worry that I will meet a problem for which I will be unable to find a solution.”

Well done Sophie Hannah for capturing the essence of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and giving readers a chance to once again enjoy the thrill of mystery solving with the unforgettable little Belgian. Author Hannah has written a wonderful story that won’t disappoint any Christie aficionado and that will enthrall every mystery lover.

“The Monogram Murders” by Sophie Hannah is a must-read for anyone who loves an intricately designed, classic mystery in the style of Agatha Christie

Sophie Hannah is a best-selling British novelist and you can  check out her site here.

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