Book Review: Island of Glass by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts’ “Island of Glass” is the final book in her The Guardians Trilogy. I’m a long-time fan of Nora Roberts and have a particular affection for her trilogies that (1) are set in Ireland/have Irish influence, (2) have magic/paranormal, and (3) follow a different couple’s perspective in each book.

The Guardians Trilogy has it all — a big win for me! And you, because I recommend these books, all three. “Stars of Fortune” is book one and “Bays of Sighs” is book two.


“Island of Glass” is the last story of the Guardians, the six descended from the Goddesses and chosen to return the stars of fire, water, and ice. Two stars have been found, two couples connected, and now it’s the time for third — third star, third couple, final showdown between the Guardians and the dark one Nerezza.

This book gives readers a better look into Riley, a brilliant anthropologist with a quick wit, a million connections, and the ability to turn into a wolf each month during the full moon. Along with Riley, we get Doyle the immortal and battle-scarred warrior. The pairing of these two is inevitable, of the six, four are already paired: Bran (the wizard) and Sasha (the seer); Sawyer (the traveler) and Annika (the mermaid).

The six Guardians come together in this final book to find the last star and form an unbreakable bond, a unity. Set in Ireland, “Island of Glass” is a fast-paced magical story with plenty of action, embraceable characters, sweet love, and hot romance. I love the various pop culture references that author Roberts’ peppers throughout the novel, especially in the dialogue between Riley and Sawyer.

“Island of Glass” offers readers a great escape. I loved the magic, the goddesses, and would love to spend a day (or decade) on the Island. Roberts’ description of the Island of Glass drew me in and captured my heart and imagination. Any time a book can sweep me away, I’m truly grateful. This one did.

If you’ve never read Nora Roberts, The Guardians trilogy is a great place to start, but be warned, her books are addictive and she’s written many.

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  1. I love Nora Roberts too, but haven’t read this series yet. Thanks for recommending.


    PS New follower

    1. She has so many great series, doesn’t she? I’m glad I could share this one with you. There’s a couple of other newer ones I haven’t read that I found over on her website, I totally recommend checking it out.

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