Book Review: Knew You’d Come: A Haunting Love Story by Christine Cacciatore

Once in a while I enjoy a quirky or paranormal romance. When I stumbled upon “Knew You’d Come: A Haunting Love Story” by author Christine Cacciatore, I was happy to find a novella that effortlessly combines a hot romance with ghosts and a bit of the Old West. Yes, this is a novella — a shorter work that is a great read and easily finished in one sitting.


Author Christine Cacciatore gives us Tansy Reynolds, a ghost hunter who’s investigating the Wilderness Saloon. This old establishment has a reputation for being haunted and it’s Tansy’s job to debunk or confirm the haunting. When the other paranormal investigator doesn’t show up, Tansy is left alone to complete the job. Within hours, she discovers evidence of a presence and by the second night, her entire world is rocked when she makes actual contact with ghost of Whip Daniels.

I enjoyed the story of Tansy and Whip — the mingling of their past and present was intriguing. Cacciatore creates solid characters, fun dialogue, and some super sexy scenes. The heart of the story is true love and how two people can be meant for each other even after decades and death.

So tonight, shut off the TV, pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea and get lost in “Knew You’d Come: A Haunting Love Story” by Christine Cacciatore. You can find out more about author Christine Cacciatore on Good Reads; be sure to check out her other books.

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