Book Review: Silver Stars by Michael Grant

Author Michael Grant takes us back to the Front Lines with Silver Stars, the second novel in this gripping series. It’s the summer of 1943, World War II like you’ve never see it. Silver Stars, a Front Lines novel drops readers into an alternative reality where young women fight fiercely, side-by-side with men, on the front lines as foot soldiers, spies, and medics.


From the inside flap of Silver Stars: “The women are not heroes for fighting alongside their brothers — they are soldiers.”

While Silver Stars is a book about war, including the gritty, bloody, and horrific scenes of battle and death. It’s really the story of three young women soldiers: Rio, Rainy, and Frangie. Somewhere about three-fourths of the way through book one, these women became real for me, I became invested in their stories. Silvers Stars gave me deeper insight into each of them and they continue to amaze me.

In brief, Rio is our soldier on the front lines of battles, fighting for her life and the lives of the men and women in her platoon. And she knows what it’s like to kill. Rio’s evolution from Front Lines into Silver Stars and through to the conclusion of Silver Stars is worth reading just on its own, but you’ll also want to get to know Rainy and Frangie more.

Rainy has brains and is tougher than even she knew she was. A Sergeant, Rainy has a gift for languages and a father who runs numbers for a crime boss. Her work in intelligence and her father’s association lands her an assignment that puts her behind enemy lines. Rainy’s story is compelling and terrifying — but as a reader, you always admire her resolve and courage.

From her first chapter, Frangie conquers her own demons to push through and do her job as a medic regardless of fears. She’s fierce, smart, and determined. And she’s compassionate. Silver Stars takes us in a bit closer to Frangie’s personal life with a look at her older brother and his politics, and how it affects her. This was maybe my favorite part of Frangie’s story.

All three women face prejudice for the simple fact that they are female, and Frangie must also deal with unrelenting racism because of the color of her skin. Their battles are so much more than just dodging enemy fire; their enemies often are the males wearing the same uniform they wear.

Silver Stars is one of those books that I can and will reread because there’s so much to absorb and it’s simply that well written. I highly recommend reading Front Lines and then grabbing a copy of Silver Stars. You won’t regret it. It’s not your average YA and it’s by far one of the best books I’ve read this year.

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