Book Review: The Firstborn by Quenby Olson

Happy Release Day to author Quenby Olson and her newest book, The Firstborn!

I loved The Firstborn by Quenby Olson because as I read, I forgot I was reading. It’s that simple. When I can lose myself in a book like that, it’s a winner. I was looking for a book to distract me from the chaos of life and The Firstborn kept me captivated, giving me characters I wanted to spend time with in a setting that I’d like to visit if I could time travel.

The Firstborn

Set in Regency England, The Firstborn is Sophia’s story. She’s smart, loving, and loyal to her family — so much so that she’s sacrificed everything for her younger sister, Lucy and the girl’s illegitimate baby, George. Sophia has created a ruse, assuming the role of a young widow and pretending to be George’s mom. Now Lucy has run off and Lord Finnian Haughton appears on Sophia’s doorstep making inquiries about the child. It seems his younger brother is George’s father and Lord Haughton does not want a scandal.

The Firstborn is an engaging story and I enjoyed the back-and-forth between Sophia and Lord Haughton (Finn). From Sophia’s obvious dislike for him upon first meeting to their mutual desire to ensure little George is safe and cared for despite two very irresponsible birth parents. Author Olson also gives us some wonderful secondary characters. I particularly liked Lord Haughton’s sister and the elderly Lady Rutledge.

While I did receive my copy of The Firstborn as an ARC, but I’m looking forward to adding it to my paper book collection of Quenby Olson titles. If you’re looking for a charming, well-written romance, then grab a copy of The Firstborn as soon as you can.

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Here’s the Amazon link for The Firstborn (don’t say I never gave you anything!)


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