Book Review: When The Timer Dings: Organizing Your Life To Make The Most of 10 Minute Increments by Katharine Grubb

First, I need to offer an apology to author Katharine Grubb, because I actually finished this book a few weeks ago — does my untimeliness for posting my review mean I failed at learning how to organize my life to make the most of it in 10 minute increments? Um, maybe?


If it is, it’s totally on me, because Katharine Grubb’s new book “When the Time Dings: Organizing Your Life to Make the Mot of 10 Minute Increments is a must-read. Whether you’re a writer looking to maximize your time each day or a busy parent trying to not drown in a sea of commitments, look to this easy-to-follow book for advice and actionable tips.

One of my favorite things about author Katharine Grubb is her natural ability to encourage. I met her online about four years ago when her writing group 10 Minute Novelists was really just beginning to grow. Grubb offers practical advice for not only writers, but for anyone looking to add a bit more cohesion and organization to their daily lives. In this book, she shares what’s worked (and not worked for her) as a busy mother, wife, writer, and entrepreneur. I like the Exercises at the end of the sections — questions that make you really think and take stock of how you’re handling your daily life and where room for improvement is needed. I especially like the actionable tips like:

“Set an alarm five times through the day, at two- to three-hour intervals. Every time the alarm goes off, ask yourself, ‘Have I avoided anything in the last few hours because I didn’t feel like it?’ If the answer is yes, then if you are able, go back and deal with that task.”

It’s really a simple action, but very good advice and it can really make a difference in what you’re able to accomplish in one day.

I did receive this book as an ARC. I do totally recommend it to anyone looking to increase their organizational skills. Don’t wait, seriously, do it now. You don’t need it to be January and the start of a new year to try to make improvements.

You can find out more about author Katharine Grubb, the 10 Minute Novelists, and her other books here at her website.

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