Book Review: The Mapmaker Chronicles: Breath of the Dragon by A.L. Tait

“But after that, it all came down to the map.

Which meant it all came down to Quinn.”

The crew of the Libertas has been out at sea for months. They’ve faced thieves, pirates, strange creatures, and near-death multiple times. Now it’s hunger and the looming deadline to get back to Verdania and win the race to map the world that threatens them. A.L. Tait gives readers a fast-paced, exciting conclusion to her series The Mapmaker Chronicles with the third book Breath of the Dragon.

AL Tait Mapmaker 3

The race to map the world is almost at an end as the third book in this series opens. Our young hero Quinn has faced many challenges and life-threatening dangers. Unfortunately, Quinn’s unique ability to remember, well everything, has been muddled due the head injury he suffered while trying to escape from the Black Hawk. Without his infallible memory, he’s struggling with mapmaking and worries about his friend and crew members learning of his loss.

The crew of the Libertas doesn’t have an easy time finishing this race. At every turn it seems as if they’re being thwarted — from pirates to erupting volcanoes and old enemies, each day brings a new challenge.

Like any good adventure story, author A.L. Tait gives readers exciting action sequences, exotic lands, priceless treasure, and heart-stopping heroics by the characters we’ve grown to love since first introduced in book one: Race to the End of the World.

Breath of the Dragon concludes with a pleasant twist and a satisfying wrap-up for each character. As a reader, I was very happy to meet Zain’s family and I’m quite intrigued — I’d love to read more about them. As for Quinn, I loved how he evolved over the course of all three books and cheered for him all the way. It’d be fun to see the character a few years down the road as an older teen or early twenty-something.

Overall, I heartily recommended Breath of the Dragon and the entire Mapmaker Chronicles by A.L. Tait.

I’ve collected a few links for you. You can watch A.L. Tait via YouTube talk about the Mapmaker Chronicles series and visit her website here. In addition, I encourage you to head over to Kane Miller Publishing and check out the whole series.

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