Book Review: Princess of Air by Natalie Cammaratta

I met Natalie in an online writer’s group several years ago and was immediately drawn to the way she engages her reader, fully immersing us with lush and imaginative settings, characters I’d like to meet in person, and stunning fashion descriptions that will have you yearning for pics. I became a fan of Natalie’s books with her Falling & Uprising trilogy, but she takes it all to the next level with Princess of Air

A fantasy romance with epic magic, Princess of Air introduces Arabella, as the Princess of Air, one of four royal siblings gifted with elemental magic. Air, Earth, Water, and Fire magic were each gifted to the four royals by their mother the queen, the siblings honing their abilities through childhood. Now as adults, the royals expect to settle into the roles they’ve always assumed they’d play, with Arabella’s older brother as heir to the throne and she to marry the nice but boring prince from the neighboring land, and the younger twins to follow the path laid out for them. However, it all changes when the queen announces the heir to the throne will be determined by a competition among the four siblings. 

Princess of Air captivated me with its magic system. I love the elementals and how the royal siblings could use their magic. Arabella was easy to like. She’s impulsive, yet kind, and definitely smart. Her affair and hidden love for the man she can’t have is swoon-worthy, and author Natalie Cammaratta perfectly balances the epic magical battles with the soft and slightly spicy romantic interludes.

Princess of Air is the first in a set of books by Natalie Cammaratta, the Elements of Royalty epic fantasy romance series. It’s ideal for readers who love immersive magical moments, snarky heroines, edge-of-your-seat tension, and heart-pumping romance. I did receive my copy as an ARC but I can’t wait to get my hardcover print of Princess of Air to add to my bookshelves because its cover is gorgeous!

You can preorder Princess of Air today from Natalie’s site. It releases in June 2024.

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