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My first YA novel is complete. YAY!

It’s been through beta readers, my editor, CPs, revisions, back to the CPs, more revisions, and the cycle continues . . .¬† BUT, after this last round of CP wisdom and revisions, I think (she says it in a whisper) it’s ready to query. So that’s the next step.

Yeah. That’s kinda huge and I’m fairly nervous but if you don’t take the next step, you’ll never know, right? I’m hoping that by next year at this time (or sooner!) I’ll have something positive to share with you all. Please send me all the good mojo!

UPDATE (March 2018)

The last time I updated this page, NaNoWriMo was just about to begin and I had almost hit the send button on my query for LIES & MAGIC, my YA contemporary, light fantasy novel. I did hit the send button and I’m happy to report I’ve had some interest along with some rejection, but my querying journey is young.

I did not complete NaNo this year as freelance work took priority. I did write about 1/4 of the first draft of my YA mystery and I’m still very excited about this story. I’m not ready to reveal too much about it, but I will say it’s set at an arts camp and there is a murder. Currently I’m deep in the trenches writing book two of LIES & MAGIC, as this story is planned as a two-book series.

In other news, I’m now a member of SCBWI and you can find my profile here.