Book Review: Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts

Solas don Saol. Light for Life.”

(page 294: Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts)

Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts is book two in the series: Chronicles of The One, which began with the book Year One. If you haven’t read it or my review, please check it out here.


This was a book I waited anxiously to receive and when it arrived, I dived in and quickly became immersed into the harsh yet entrancing world author Nora Roberts has created in this series. Of Blood and Bone picks up 12 years after the birth of Fallon Swift, who is The One. She’s lived her childhood on a peaceful farm with her mother, father, and brothers, mostly sheltered from the ruined world decimated by the Doom and now ravaged by Raiders and vicious Purity Warriors.

Like her mother and birth father, Fallon has gifts and it’s these gifts that make her a target for those who despise an Uncanny—witch, faery, shifter, elf, or other magical being. And as The One, she is destined to be so much more. Fallon will have to leave her family to train and fully come into her essence as The One in order to mobilize and lead an army to battle the dangerous, deadly evil forces that threaten all that is good. She’ll learn to be a healer, student, teacher, and warrior, all before her fifteenth birthday.

Once fully trained and reunited with her family, Fallon and her people return to New Hope. New Hope is the town where her parents lived, loved, and had many friends. It’s also the town where her birth father was murdered by his brother.

Of Blood and Bone tells the epic tale of Fallon Swift’s journey into becoming The One, from her childhood days on the farm to studies with the ancient Mallick and the journey and reconnection with New Hope. In book one, author Roberts gave readers a sense of the magicks and their impact for this story. Book two takes it to another level and it kept me turning pages. I really like Fallon and watching her learning process. She’s intelligent, strong, independent, and yet there’s still just a hint of vulnerability.

It made me happy to see some of my favorite characters from Year One thriving in this book, in particular sweet Fred and the lovable Eddie as well as Arlys, Chuck, Katie, and Flynn. We get to know Katie’s three kids better, all teens now. Duncan and Tonia have developed their gifts and together with Fallon, this trio is formidable. I’m looking forward to seeing how they evolve further in book three.

I really liked Of Blood and Bone and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and dystopian stories. Definitely read Year One first, but then grab Of Blood and Bone and enjoy!

You can find Of Blood and Bone at Nora Roberts website as well as her many other books.

Book Review: Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts has the ability to suck me into her stories, smack my emotions around, and then leave me at the end always wanting more. Her newest book, Shelter in Place does it all. It’s gritty, disturbing, terrifying, and yet it’s also hopeful. I read it in two days, consumed, because I had to know how it would all play out.


Shelter in Place opens in 2005, the first four chapters focused on a horrific shooting at the DownEast Mall and its immediate aftermath. Roberts digs deep and her story quickly shifts from intro into dark and violent. We’re introduced to the main players, including high school student Simone Knox—the first 911 caller during the massacre, and Reed Quartermaine—a young college kid who saves a child from the shooters. We also meet Essie, a first-responding police officer, and Simone’s friends Mi and Tish.

There’s a time jump to three years later and Roberts begins to take us on her survivors’ journeys, expertly weaving together the lives of multiple characters including the sister of one of the shooters. The story spans 14 years, and tracks the path of the psychotic serial killer, hell bent on finishing what the DownEast Mall shooters began. The killer is systematically stalking and murdering survivors. Reed, inspired by Essie to become a cop, is determined to stop the killer.

Shelter in Place held my attention at every twist, every page. I had to know what was going to happen next. I was fascinated with the design of the killer that author Roberts created. The evil was disturbing but I had to keep reading. This book is definitely more a thriller/suspense/mystery than romance, but there is a romantic thread that’s explored in the last third (or so) of the book. It ties nicely into the overall story and doesn’t slow down the action.

I loved the characters, especially Simone’s artist grandmother. My other favorite is Essie, she’s smart, strong, and her sisterly/motherly influence with Reed was believable.

Nora Roberts doesn’t shy away from writing scenes that horrify and they drip with some of humanity’s darkest evil. That said, I do recommend this book because of the characters’ journeys. I liked seeing the ups and downs, sacrifices, missteps, and triumphs. And hope.

If you’re a fan of Nora Roberts books like Angels Fall and The Collector, then Shelter in Place is for you.

Book Review: “Year One” by Nora Roberts

“You get up in the morning, and do what you have to do. You get up, thinking for just a split second, everything’s the way it was. Then you know it’s not. It’s never going to be, but you get up and keep going.”

(YEAR ONE by Nora Roberts, Chapter Six, page 96)

“Year One” by Nora Roberts offers readers a disturbing glimpse into human nature when civilization as we know it ends and a world with new rules and ancient magicks emerges.

Year One

From the Good Reads synopsis, “The end has come. The beginning comes next.”

It’s the New Year and amid the revelry a sickness has begun to spread. It hits fast and spreads even quicker. They call it the Doom. Within a few weeks the world has been decimated—more than half the population is dead, infrastructures have collapsed, and the Uncanny are among the immune. The Uncanny have powers and abilities. There are witches, faeries, elves, and others, some light and some dark.

Max and Lana practiced witchcraft before the Doom. Now immunes, their powers have increased and they find themselves trying to get out of New York away from the savages and evil attempting to take over the city. Also heading out of the city are Arlys and Fred, a journalist and a young intern who both worked for the same television station plus their friend Chuck, a tech genius. This trio eventually meets up with another group fleeing the city: Rachel the doctor, Jonah the paramedic, and Katie a young mother who just gave birth to twins and adopted a third baby left orphaned by the Doom.

“Year One” is told from multiple POV’s and spans a full year in time. If you pick up this book expecting the typical Nora Roberts romance, it’s not there. Romance takes a backseat in “Year One” — even though we do get a nicely developed relationship between Lana and Max. This novel focuses more on the breakdown of order and the chaos that quickly follows. There’s the rise of magic as tech dwindles and dies. And there is the fear.

Author Roberts has created a very disturbing reality in “Year One.” She explores the dark side of humanity, both the “normal” humans and their prejudice against any type of Uncanny or person who may be perceived as an Uncanny plus the dark Uncanny who simply are evil. She takes readers on a frightening journey, but also manages to give us hope.

There’s a nice balance in “Year One”. While we see the horrors and atrocities, we also get to see the good. The people who learn to live together, pooling resources and relying on all types of abilities—supernatural as well as natural. Faeries, elves, and witches living and working with policemen, teachers, and lawyers to build a new society that’s safe and welcoming for everyone.

“Year One” by Nora Roberts is epic and a book I highly recommend, especially if you’ve enjoyed her books like The Sign of Seven Trilogy and The Guardians Trilogy. Here is a great link to a list of all her books by published date. If you’ve never read a Nora Roberts book, this actually is a really good one for a start.

Book Review: The Collector by Nora Roberts

“Fictional people are people too, otherwise why would we care what happens to them?”

Lila Emerson, THE COLLECTOR by Nora Roberts

The Collector by Nora Roberts released in 2014 and I finally picked up my copy — I know, I know, took me long enough, right? Not going to waste a lot of preamble. I loved it. I may have my new favorite Nora Roberts heroine in Lila Emerson. She’s quirky, self-sufficient, compassionate, and can kick some ass when needed.

The Collector

The story opens with a glimpse into Lila’s slightly unconventional life. She’s a professional house-sitter and writer of young adult werewolf novels. She also loves to look through binoculars out the windows of the home where she’s sitting — sounds weird, but actually it makes a lot of sense for this character. When looking out the window one night, Lila witnesses a murder/suicide and everything changes. Upon leaving the police station after giving her statement, she meets the victim’s brother.

Ash Archer has a huge family and is used to taking care of everyone, it’s what he does. He’s also a talented artist whose half-brother was just murdered. At first he wants to talk to Lila to find out what she saw, but then he finds himself drawn to her. As an artist, he wants to paint her. As a man, he wants to explore the possibility of a relationship. However, they both find themselves in danger as they look closer into the murder of Ash’s brother. Their investigation draws them into a world of priceless Russian antiques and lands them on the hit list of a soulless assassin.

With The Collector, author Nora Roberts effortlessly weaves a tale of intrigue and romance, while peppering it with well-placed wit and intense action seasons. She escorts us through New York City and takes us all the way to Florence (by private plane, of course) and back again. We get to know and love not only Lila and Ash, but their closest friends Julie and Luke.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this book and it’s one I’m certain I’ll reread it. I really, really liked Lila and a huge thank you to Nora Roberts for creating this character.

Looking for more titles by Nora Roberts? Check out her official website here.

Book Review: Island of Glass by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts’ “Island of Glass” is the final book in her The Guardians Trilogy. I’m a long-time fan of Nora Roberts and have a particular affection for her trilogies that (1) are set in Ireland/have Irish influence, (2) have magic/paranormal, and (3) follow a different couple’s perspective in each book.

The Guardians Trilogy has it all — a big win for me! And you, because I recommend these books, all three. “Stars of Fortune” is book one and “Bays of Sighs” is book two.


“Island of Glass” is the last story of the Guardians, the six descended from the Goddesses and chosen to return the stars of fire, water, and ice. Two stars have been found, two couples connected, and now it’s the time for third — third star, third couple, final showdown between the Guardians and the dark one Nerezza.

This book gives readers a better look into Riley, a brilliant anthropologist with a quick wit, a million connections, and the ability to turn into a wolf each month during the full moon. Along with Riley, we get Doyle the immortal and battle-scarred warrior. The pairing of these two is inevitable, of the six, four are already paired: Bran (the wizard) and Sasha (the seer); Sawyer (the traveler) and Annika (the mermaid).

The six Guardians come together in this final book to find the last star and form an unbreakable bond, a unity. Set in Ireland, “Island of Glass” is a fast-paced magical story with plenty of action, embraceable characters, sweet love, and hot romance. I love the various pop culture references that author Roberts’ peppers throughout the novel, especially in the dialogue between Riley and Sawyer.

“Island of Glass” offers readers a great escape. I loved the magic, the goddesses, and would love to spend a day (or decade) on the Island. Roberts’ description of the Island of Glass drew me in and captured my heart and imagination. Any time a book can sweep me away, I’m truly grateful. This one did.

If you’ve never read Nora Roberts, The Guardians trilogy is a great place to start, but be warned, her books are addictive and she’s written many.

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Book Review: Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts

I’ve been reading Nora Roberts for more than 20 years and she never fails to entertain and delight me as a reader. Bay of Sighs is book 2 of her Guardians Trilogy — and a Nora Roberts trilogy that mixes supernatural, fantasy, romance, and mystery is my favorite kind of trilogy!

z Bay of Sighs

In a trilogy set up like The Guardians, Roberts gives us three couples. In book 1, Stars of Fortune, we were introduced to Sasha and Bran, Annika and Sawyer, and Riley and Doyle. While book 1 focused on the relationship that developed between Sasha and Bran, book 2 brings us the romance of Annika and Sawyer.

If you haven’t read book 1 yet, then mini-SPOILER ALERT. Each of the six guardians, tasked with locating and protecting three magical stars created long ago by three goddesses, are unique and not all are entirely human. These chosen six must find the stars and keep the dark goddess Nerezza from claiming the stars and killing/capturing any of their group.

Bay of Sighs features the search for the second star and the blossoming romance between Annika the mermaid and Sawyer the traveler. Yes, Annika is a mermaid (which you knew if you read book 1). I adore the character of Annika. She’s so sweetly innocent and yet quite sage. Sawyer is a darling and one of the most honorable male characters I’ve ever read. For me, they are the perfect couple.

Nora Roberts does a masterful job interweaving romantic interludes, heart-stopping action sequences, fun and witty dialogue (LOVE the multiple pop culture references — Hulk Smash), and a magical story that entrances the imagination. There are a few disturbing scenes including one with torture but Roberts writes with power and strength that swiftly move the action and the plot forward.

Bay of Sighs: Book 2 of The Guardians Trilogy was fantastic and I highly recommend to any fan of Nora Roberts or any reader who enjoys romance/fantasy/action all in one book.

BUT, reading Book 1: Stars of Fortune is a must.

Look for Book 3 of The Guardians Trilogy: Island of Glass to hit bookstore shelves in December 2016.

I also had to share just how gorgeous the inside flap of the book is. Check it out.

To see other great books by Nora Roberts, please visit her website here.